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Here you can view all the stories that Animal Aid is lucky enough to have publicised in the media. If you click on any one of the images, you will see all the related newspaper articles, media releases or videos to do with that story.

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Animal Aid Public Appeal   Sampson   Miley and her 8 puppies
May 2012   June 2011 - June 2012   June - July 2011
Sampson, one of the well known Animal Aid success stories, was front and centre as Animal Aid launched its public appeal to raise $3million for the transformational redevelopment of its Coldstream site.   Sampson was thrust into the national spotlight after coming into the shelter at a whopping 85kg. His weight battle has also been recorded throughout the media.   Miley came to the shelter heavily pregnant and ready to give birth to a huge litter of 8 puppies. Her story was followed through by the media all the way to her and the litter finding new homes.
seniors-for-seniors   mym   lola
Seniors for Seniors   Meet Your Match   Special Surgery
June - July 2011   June - August 2011   July - August 2011
Animal Aid launched its Seniors for Seniors program in June 2011 with at aim at allowing senior citizens to adopt a pet with a support program to assist them.   Animal Aid has been using the Meet Your Match adoption system with great results since it's inception in 2009. The program colour codes each potential owner and animal to create the perfect match.   Animal Aid performs many delicate and sometimes lifesaving operations on a select few animals who pass through the shelter doors. A Special Surgery fund was set up to make these procedures possible.
winter_warmers   alt   alt
Keep your pet warm   Adoption as first option   Cats and Dogs Myth Busted
June - August 2011   July - August 2011   July - August 2011
Animal Aid is urging all pet owners to keep a watchful eye on their furry household companions in helping them to stay warm and comfortable during the chilly season.   Animal Aid is advising potential pet owners to take the time and do their research before plunging into one of the most rewarding experiences possible – pet ownership.   Animal Aid is dismissing the fable that cats and dogs cannot co-habitate under the one roof, but rather can live in a harmonious and positive environment.
alt   alt      alt
Stories from East Gippsland   Pet Allergies   Snake Bites
September 2011   August - September 2011   October 2011
Animal Aid Shelter at East Gippsland is a big part of the Animal Aid organisation and has many stories to tell.   Animal Aid is urging all pet owners to take extra care of their pets during the onslaught of allergy season   Animal Aid is urging all pet owners to take great care to prevent deadly encounters with snakes when venturing outdoors with their pets.
alt   alt     RFTA15
Flea Free Tips   Christmas    Ride for the Animals
November 2011   November - December 2011    March 22 2015
Animal Aid shares some helpful tips for keeping your pets flea free this summer   Animal Aid is asking all pet owners to give their pets some extra special treatment this Christmas.   Thanks to everyone who too part, take a look at some great images of our 2105 Ride for the Animals.

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