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As part of Animal Aid’s commitment to ensuring that humans and animals are treated with respect and compassion, we offer education opportunities to members of the public, local government, community groups and school groups of all levels. 

  • We can provide information on an array of topics including:
  • Animal welfare
  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Human and animal safety
  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal de-sexing
  • Environmental enrichment for companion animals
  • Introducing a baby into a home with established pets
  • Dealing with common behavioural issues

Community education sessions may be held either at your premises or at Animal Aid.  Many of these sessions are designed to be delivered in one to two hours and can include practical activities in some sessions, to improve retention of information.  We have the flexibility to design and create educational materials or tailor sessions to suit your specific needs

All of our information and training sessions are prepared to ensure age appropriateness.  We cater for adult groups through to children in pre-school.  This enables people of all ages to gain an understanding of humane animal treatment to encourage them to develop into humane adults.

To discuss your requirements or obtain information about costs, please email


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